Jeffrey Epstein victims will be waiting DECADES before they see any money, unless it is seized

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The victims who are pursuing monetary settlements from Jeffrey Epstein’s estate may be waiting 30 years or more before they see any compensation due to the fact that he filed his Last Will and Testament in the US Virgin Islands.

That is because there are only two people who handle all of the probate cases in the US Virgin Islands, and those are the same two people who are also responsible for all the traffic and small claim cases in the US territory.

On top of that, the heirs to Epstein’s estate remain unknown because he put his fortune in a trust, and those individuals will be able to access any money left to them in the time it takes for the case to be settled in probate court.

The victims could however receive sizable settlements from the estate, and soon, if the government pursues a civil asset forfeiture claim.

And Epstein would seemingly qualify, as it appears he built his fortune on the millions he made while working at Towers Financial, in a scheme that was successfully prosecuted by the US Attorney’s Office.

All the the government needs to prove, is that the $460 million worth of bogus notes and bonds sold by Towers Financial during Epstein’s tenure built the base for his fortune, in which case they could successfully seize his entire estate.  – READ MORE

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