Jeffrey Epstein estate’s bills, employees going unpaid over ‘insufficient funds,’ lawyers say: report


Lawyers for late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein’s $600 million U.S. Virgin Islands estate said liens imposed by the local attorney general have left them unable to pay the estate’s bills, employees at his various properties or for legal defense from his accusers, according to a filing made public Friday.

Co-executors Darren K. Indyke and Richard D. Kahn’s lawyers wrote that several payments, including for electricity and pest control, have been returned for “insufficient funds,”  The Miami Herald reported.

They asked the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands, which imposed the criminal-activity liens, to strike the liens down or at least allow the executors to pay for the estate’s administration.

The filing also said the estate is unable to pay the caretakers at his residences in Florida, New Mexico and New York and power could soon be turned off.

“The harm caused by the Government’s Lien-imposed freeze on the Estate’s account at FirstBank is no longer theoretical — it is now immediate and real,” the filing said, adding they “can no longer pay for the defense of the twenty-two lawsuits pending against the Estate arising from claims of sexual abuse by Mr. Epstein, including the forfeiture action asserted by the Government as the basis for the imposition of the Liens.” – READ MORE

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