Jeffrey Epstein before he died: “The only thing worse than being called a pedophile is being called a hedge fund manager”


One of the many tragedies in the Jeffrey Epstein saga is that we will never get to hear Epstein publicly explain himself. His alleged victims will never get their day in court and we will never know how he made his millions to further what the federal government says was a criminal sex trafficking ring, or possibly, how he could live with himself knowing the totality of his life had brought him to a dank jail cell awaiting a trial he was likely to lose.

I can’t offer the true closure that any of his alleged victims need because as we all know, Epstein is dead, having hanged himself in his jail cell last Saturday. But in a small way, I can provide some insight into what was bouncing around inside his head as the judicial vise began to close on him earlier this year.

That’s because I was one of the few reporters to have spoken with Epstein in recent months, just before he returned to the U.S. on July 6 to be arrested on new federal charges of operating a multi-state sex trafficking ring involving underage girls.


Either way, Epstein wanted me to know that despite what I have been reading, he was not the pervert the media is making him out to be.

“I just want you to know I’m not a pedophile,” he said, adding, “Maybe the only thing worse than being called a pedophile is being called a hedge fund manager,” he said with a slight laugh.

Epstein always considered himself a money manager to billionaires, not someone who would hawk a retail product like a hedge fund to mere millionaires.

These were odd conversations; when I called, he would call me back almost immediately, but he was eager to end the conversation quickly. I couldn’t tell if this was just his frenetic nature or he was limiting how much information he wanted to provide. – READ MORE

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