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Jeb Bush: ‘Who Cares What I Think?’


Former Republican Florida governor Jeb Bush said he doesn’t think Donald Trump obstructed justice but in perhaps the saddest statement of the week, added, “Who cares what I think?”

Bush was speaking to a large crowd at Boston College’s 12th annual Carroll School of Management Finance Conference when someone asked if he believes Trump obstructed justice, the Boston Herald reported.

“No, I don’t, but who cares what I think?” he answered.

Bush responded that the president needs to “focus on doing his job” because the flurry around the Russia investigation has distracted from policymaking.

“It would be great to get back to the business of governing and less about the swirling controversies,” Bush said. “I just think the president needs to focus on doing his job.”

“There are great opportunities for him to hire people,” Bush continued. “He’s done pretty well there. The judicial appointments have been good, he’s got a great foreign policy team, he should be president and stop creating all the controversies — let that process takes its place.”

The former presidential candidate explained that while he obviously wasn’t a huge Trump fan, he thought “Drain the swamp”  was a “classic line.”

“‘Drain the swamp’ was a classic line, it resonated with me,” Bush said. “I didn’t vote for the guy, I’m not a big fan and everybody knows that, but I was hopeful that he would drain the swamp.”

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