Jane Fonda on ‘Hanoi Jane’ Scandal: ‘It’s Horrible for Me to Think of That’


Oscar-winning Actress Jane Fonda Reflected On Being Labeled An Anti-american Traitor During An Appearance This Week At Television Critics Associations Summer Press Tour.

“Prior to me becoming an anti-war activist, I had lived a meaningless life,” Jane Fonda said. “So when I decided to throw in my head in with the anti-war movement everything changed.”

“I am proud I went to Vietnam when I did. I am so sorry that I was thoughtless enough to sit down on that gun at that time and the message that that sends to the guys who were there and their families,” she said adding, “It’s just horrible for me to think of that.”

“Sometimes I think, ‘Oh I wish I could do it over’ because there are things I would say differently now.”

Fonda’s anti-war activity hit a whole other level in 1972 when she earned the nickname “Hanoi Jane” during a trip to North Vietnam after she was photographed sitting on an anti-aircraft gun used to shoot down American pilots and planes. READ MORE


For Hollywood money men, maybe there really is such a thing as bad publicity.

After aging Hollywood liberal Peter Fonda launched his name back into the headlines last week with a vicious series of Twitter postings implying child rape of 12-year-old Barron Trump and the sexual humiliation of a female Trump administration cabinet member (among other evils), his new film hit movie screens in limited release to five theaters.

Judging by the box office take, keeping it limited might be a good idea.

According to the entertainment website The Wrap, Fonda’s movie “Boundaries” generated a measly $30,395 last weekend – and average screen earning of only $6,079.

When Fonda’s heinous Twitter attacks became public – he deleted them quickly – Sony Pictures clearly realized it had a potential debacle on its hands. – READ MORE

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