James Woods Slams Google on Easter: ‘They Loathe Christians’


Veteran actor James Woods ripped into Google for their failure to publish an Easter themed “Google Doodle,” while regularly using Doodle art to honor socialists, Islamic causes, and other historical events and figures.

Taking to Twitter on Easter Sunday, Woods noted that despite Google publishing a number of “Google Doodles” for almost every other holiday, religious celebration, and anniversary, the Silicon Valley tech firm failed to publish a Doodle for Easter. Screenshots of Google’s homepage featuring their generic logo where a Doodle would be bounced around on social media, with one user noting: “So Google has a doodle for every obscure “woke” person/event imaginable, but nothing for Easter? 

Woods replied to the tweet with a simple observation “The loathe Christians. Plain and simple.”

Other conservatives across Twitter noted that the tech company had once again failed to honor a Christian holiday. PragerU tweeted “no Google Doodle for Easter Sunday?” – READ MORE

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