James Woods Exposes The New York Times’ Bias In Single Tweet


Actor James Woods, one of the lone conservative voices left in Hollywood, has perfected what has become his most beloved role: master Twitter troll. This week he once again took to his favorite social media platform to succinctly demonstrate the left-wing bias of what used to be the nation’s most revered and reliable paper, The New York Times.

On Tuesday, Woods tweeted out a link to a Times article on President Trump slamming Huma Abedin, titled “Trump Accuses Former Clinton Aide of Failing to Follow Security Protocols.” Woods points out that the article somehow fails to mention some key facts.

“Only the @nytimes could publish this story without mentioning that a) Abedin emailed a classified password, b) her husband is in prison, and c) she broke federal espionage laws,” wrote Woods.

The Times article focuses on a tweet posted by Trump on Tuesday calling out Abedin for dangerously “disregarding basic security protocols.”- READ MORE

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