James Woods Brutally Punishes CNN for Citing Humiliatingly Bad Strzok Parody Account


CNN’s Chris Cillizza — one of the numerous men and women at CNN who diligently fact-check every shred of evidence that passes through their newsroom — was one of the first to report on why Strzok was fired from the Bureau:


It wasn’t long before he tweeted this preposterous quote himself:

So anyway, Mr. Cillizza finally got around to reading the name of the account and the profile information and apologizing in that sorta-kinda-way CNN’s famous for:

“And now I am told…”? I’m sorry, I’ve made some mistakes around the Conservative Tribune newsroom in my time, but if I pulled this one I’d pretty much be put on rattlesnake-eradication duty for the rest of my time with the company.

Cillizza still has a job with CNN because of course he does. After all, he’s one of their bigger stars and this will all disappear in about a week. – READ MORE


This month Acosta aired his hurt feelings concerning the Trump administration’s accusation that Acosta and his fellow journalists were peddling “fake news.”

“It is not fair. It is not fair. It is not just. It is un-American to come out here and call the press the enemy of the people,” Acosta said, according to Business Insider.

Woods sought to educate Acosta about how reporters should behave in a free society:

“Unbiased, honest, responsible journalism is the bulwark of free society. Vain, narcissistic, biased blather is not journalism.” – READ MORE

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