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James O’Keefe’s Undercover video exposes eye-popping ease of voter fraud


An explosive undercover video shows just how startlingly simple it is for anyone to commit voter fraud in Michigan – even when the voter provides no I.D. and falsely assumes the identity of a well-known columnist.


The undercover footage was released Tuesday by Project Veritas founder and pioneering investigative reporter James O’Keefe.

In the video, O’Keefe visits a polling location in Michigan and requests a ballot for Detroit Free Press columnist Brian Dickerson.

At the location, workers request O’Keefe’s name, address and driver’s license.

“Oh, you do need a license?” O’Keefe asks. “I don’t actually have my wallet with me. I lost it over the weekend hunting. My license fell out of my pocket.”

He adds, “I didn’t know I needed an I.D.”

“You do,” says the poll worker, who asks, “What’s your address?”

O’Keefe obviously provides an incorrect address, and the poll worker is puzzled because O’Keefe says he lives on “Marietta” rather than “Henrietta.” – READ MORE

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