James Comey says he has a ‘fantasy’ about deleting his Twitter account, but has to see President Trump out of office first


Former FBI director James Comey told The New York Times this week that he has a “fantasy” about deleting his Twitter account, but feels he can’t pull the plug until he’s done all he can to help get President Donald Trump out of office.

“I have a fantasy about on January 21, 2021, deleting my Twitter and moving on to something else,” Comey told the newspaper. “But until then, I can’t.” He added, “This country is so much better than this president.”

The Times reported that Comey — who was fired by President Trump in 2017 — “plans to spend the next 13 months working to drive President Trump from power.” Comey now refers to himself as an “unemployed celebrity,” after vowing last month not to take a formal job until after the 2020 election.

In the meantime, he is raking it in with the six-figure speaking fee he commands, bragging that he charges “A lot! Seriously, it’s crazy.” The ousted official has also signed a contract to write a series of op-eds for The Washington Post. – READ MORE

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