James Carville: Trump has ‘zero chance’ of being re-elected,’ more likely not to run at all


Longtime Democratic strategist James Carville declared on Thursday night that there is “no chance” President Trump wins re-election in November.

“I think there is a better chance Donald Trump does not run for re-election, than he is re-elected,” Carville told MSNBC’s Brian Williams.

“There is no chance he’s gonna be re-elected,” Carville continued. “If you just take the events of the last 10 days, obviously he has no control over the virus, he has no control over the tension in the streets…he’s lost control over everything.”

Carville then told WIlliams that multiple polls confirm his theory.

“Zero chance he’s gonna be re-elected,” Carville repeated, adding that someone should warn Trump a “humiliating” defeat is coming his way.

“Jared, or somebody, is gonna have to sit down and have a real, like, talk, a real man-to-man, a come-to-Jesus as people used to say, I don’t know what is it,” Carville said. “That is, that which can’t continue will not.” – READ MORE

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