Jake Tapper Needs To Apologize To America For His ‘Allahu Akbar’ Comment


Tapper spent his Tuesday night CNN show, “The Lead,” reporting on the terrorist attack that happened the same day in Manhattan, and of course covered the news when it broke that the terrorist was heard yelling “Allahu akbar.”

Here’s what he said, word for word, emphasis ours:

The arabic chant ‘Allahu akbar,’ God is great. Sometimes said under the most beautiful of circumstances, and too often we hear it being said in moments like this. General Clapper, when you were director of national intelligence, you had afternoons like the one that the Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats is having right now. What goes through your mind? And what are the actions that you’re ordering the intelligence agencies to take?

Any rational viewer or reader is likely to take Tapper’s words here as an attempt to launder “Allahu akbar,” just an hour after the attack, just seconds after a CNN correspondent said it was used in conjunction with the killing of his American countrymen, for what we could assume at the time.

Worse yet, this kind of bending of the knee has become almost necessary prior to highlighting a crime perpetrated by a member of one of the media’s protected classes, in this case, Muslims.

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