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Ivy League university teaches K-12 educators how to fight ‘whiteness in schools’


One Ivy League university held a conference earlier this month to discuss diversity and inclusion, during which K-12 educators were taught how to combat the evils of “whiteness in schools.”

The Reimagining Education Summer Institute conference was held July 17-20 at Columbia University’s Teachers College and homed in on “opportunities and challenges of creating and sustaining racially, ethnically, and socio-economically integrated schools,” according to the event’s website.

One of the summit’s presentations, led by Dr. Ali Michael, founder of The Race Institute, was titled “Whiteness in Schools” and offered “a history of whiteness, and will invite participants into a discussion of how whiteness and white culture shapes what happens in schools.”

Columbia also offered a workshop — “3 Ways to Face White Privilege in the Classroom” — where participants were asked to “engage in activities and critical dialogue around white privilege to connect personal responsibility to pedagogical possibilities for the classroom.”


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