iTunes Allegedly Demotes Christian Podcast After Pastor Asks People To Pray For Trump


A Christian pastor had his podcast demoted on Apple iTunes because he asked that people pray for President Trump.

According to CBN News, Pastor James MacDonald had his podcast, “Walk in the Word,” dropped from the Top 25 chart completely within 24 hours of him posting a prayer on Facebook for President Trump.

“In the past the podcast had never dipped below the Top 40, within 24 hours it wasn’t even making the Top 200,” reports CBN

The word “shadowbanning” has been the common buzzword lately with the liberal publication VICE admitting that Twitter hinders conservative speech behind closed doors.

Speaking with CBN, MacDonald said that he wasn’t “Donald Trump’s biggest fan,” only that he found the administration “worthy of our gratitude and prayerful support.”

Dan Sumpter, global creative director of Harvest Church, says the sudden drop of MacDonald’s podcast looks oddly suspicious. – READ MORE

Apple CEO Tim Cook Criticized The “appalling Silence” Of People Who Don’t Speak Out Against The Policies Of The Trump Administration.

According to the New York Post, Cook spoke out against U.S. immigration policies so he wouldn’t fall into “the appalling silence of the good people category and this is something that I never want to be a part of.”

Cook had previously described U.S. immigration policies as “inhumane” and “heartbreaking.” – READ MORE


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