IT’S WAR: Potential Pelosi Challenger Marcia Fudge Blasts Her As A Wealthy Elitist


It is now becoming increasingly clearer as to why House Speaker frontrunner Nancy Pelosi kissed the ring of Al Sharpton at one of his events this week: her potential challenger, Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-OH), is a black woman who’s about to give Pelosi a run for her money in the fight for House Speaker.

Speaking with Matt Fuller of The Huffington Post, Fudge castigated Nancy Pelosi with every label conservatives have been throwing at her years. Filthy-rich white woman: Check. Filthy-rich white woman elitist: Double-Check. Filthy-rich white woman elitist who pals around with filthy-rich white elitists: Double-Triple-Check!

Though Fudge did not officially throw her hat in the ring in the battle for House Speaker, her comments to Matt Fuller clearly hinted she has her eye on the prize and is quite willing to take the gloves off.

 “Fudge told HuffPost she’s been ‘overwhelmed’ by the number of people reaching out to support her potential speaker bid,” reports Fuller. “She thinks the opposition to Pelosi in the caucus is much greater than the 17 Democrats who have signed a letter saying they won’t support Pelosi to be speaker.”  – READ  MORE
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