It’s Starting: Calif. Obamacare To Cut Hospitals That Perform ‘Too Many’ Surgeries


In California, according to the American Spectator, they’re going to start cutting funds to hospitals that perform too many surgeries. How many is too many, of course, is whatever the nearest bureaucrat says that it is.

“Covered California, the state’s health insurance marketplace under the Affordable Care Act, has devised what could be a powerful new way to hold hospitals accountable for the quality of their care,” WBUR-FM noted approvingly.

“Starting in less than two years, if the hospitals haven’t met certain designated targets for safety and quality, they’ll risk being excluded from the ‘in-network’ designation of health plans sold on the state’s insurance exchange.”

Ah yes. Arbitrary numbers are there for “safety and quality.” For instance, do you know that anything more than 23.9 percent of C-sections for “low-risk” births is an affront to “safety and quality?” Not 24.0, mind you. If you do 24.0 percent of C-sections for “low-risk” births, you’re simply not rationing care enou… err, I mean, not adhering to standards.

“We’re saying ‘time’s up,’” Dr. Lance Lang, chief medical officer for Covered California, told WBUR.

“We’ve told health plans that by the end of 2019, we want networks to only include hospitals that have achieved that target.” – READ MORE

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