It Turns Out Man With Ties To ‘Russian Intelligence’ Used Against Trump Campaign Was Also U.S. Intelligence Source


Thanks to The Hill’s John Solomon, we just learned that Kilimnik is far from the dastardly, Kremlin-linked shady character he is described as in Mueller’s report. In fact, Kilimnik was a “sensitive” intelligence source who worked for years for the U.S. State Department. This information did not appear in Mueller’s report, but Kilimnik’s ties to Russian intelligence were mentioned on page 6. “The FBI assesses” Kilimnik “to have ties to Russian intelligence,” the report said of Kilimnik.

As Solomon reported, after reviewing “hundreds of pages of government documents – which special counsel Robert Mueller possessed since 2018,” Kilimnik was not just any State Department source:

He interacted with the chief political officer at the U.S. Embassy in Kiev, sometimes meeting several times a week to provide information on the Ukraine government. He relayed messages back to Ukraine’s leaders and delivered written reports to U.S. officials via emails that stretched on for thousands of words, the memos show.

The FBI knew all of this, well before the Mueller investigation concluded.

Solomon further reported that Kilimnik was so valued as a source for the State Department that his name was not included in “cables” so that he couldn’t be included in any WikiLeaks hacks. Alan Purcell, who was the chief political officer at the embassy in Kiev between 2014 and 2017, apparently “described what he considered an unusual level of discretion that was taken with handling Kilimnik,” according to an FBI interview reviewed by Solomon. That same interview stated: “Normally the head of the political section would not handle sources, but Kasanof informed Purcell that KILIMNIK was a sensitive source.” – READ MORE

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