It Seems Bill Clinton Was Not Being Truthful About His Dealings with Jeffrey Epstein


The Washington Examiner reported that flight manifests show that Clinton traveled on Epstein’s private jet, infamously known as the “Lolita Express,” six times — rather than the four times he claimed to have been on it.

Clinton made two of his trips on the jet without his Secret Service detail.

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One of the trips made without Secret Service agents occurred in May 2002; it was a trip to Asia that included stops in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Thailand, and Brunei.

Three months earlier, Clinton made a trip on Epstein’s jet without his Secret Service detail from Miami, Florida, to Westchester, New York.

Clinton was caught in another lie when manifests showed no Secret Service agents were present for one of the former president’s Africa trips with Epstein.

This all directly contradicts the statement made by Clinton spokesman Angel Ureña after Epstein’s arrest earlier this month. – READ MORE

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