Israeli Organization Unveils New Trump Coin in Expression of ‘Gratitude’


Few presidents have been quite so friendly to Israel as President Donald Trump. Now, the man who initiated the move of the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem is getting a coin in his honor from a major Israeli organization.

Trump will be featured alongside King Cyrus on the coin from the Mikdash Educational Center, which describes itself as “dedicated to rekindling the flame of the Mikdash (an ancient temple) in the hearts of the entire Jewish population through formal and experiential education.”

King Cyrus was the ruler who let the Jewish people return to Jerusalem after they were exiled in Babylon.

“The biblical verses on the coin declare the proclamation of Cyrus, king of Persia, and the word of the Lord,” the website of the Mikdash Educational Center reads.

“And He — Hashem, the Lord of the World — charged me to build Him a house in Jerusalem,” the passage continues.

“This declaration took place exactly 70 years after the people of Israel were sent in to exile. The prophet Jeremiah ‘promised that with the passing of seventy years, “I will bring you back to your place.’” – READ MORE

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