Israeli gardener discovers remarkable 700-year-old ‘Santa Claus’ ring


A gardener in Israel has unearthed a rare bronze ring bearing the image of St. Nicholas that dates back to the Middle Ages.

The saint, a Greek Bishop who became famous for his acts of generosity, inspired the figure of Santa Claus.

The 700-year-old ring was discovered during landscaping work at a home in Moshav Yogev, a community in the Jezreel Valley. Gardener Dekel Ben-Shitrit, 26, was weeding when he spotted the artifact last week. “I rubbed it slightly and I saw it was carved with a human image inside a frame,” he said, in a statement released by the Israel Antiquities Authority.

Ben-Shitrit then posted a photo of the ring on Facebook where it was spotted by his neighbor Dr. Bror Ben-Yosef, director of the Israel Nature and Parks Authority’s Lower Galilee Education Center. Ben-Yosef then put Ben-Shitrit in contact with the Israel Antiquities Authority. – READ MORE

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