Israel accuses UN human rights official of hateful incitement


A special investigator assigned by the United Nations Human Rights Council to look into abuses in the Palestinian territories left out any mention of actual Palestinian abuses in his report. He instead released a litany of complaints and charges against Israel.

In one small section of his report, Michael Lynk did try to give the impression of being evenhanded, writing, “The Rapporteur notes that human rights violations by any State party or non-State actor are deplorable and will only hinder the prospects of peace.”

However, at a press conference at the world body in New York, Lynk, the U.N. special rapporteur, admitted to journalists that he did not add human rights abuses by either the Palestinian Authority or Hamas to his report because that was not in his mandate to do so, even though his title seemed to indicate it was.

When he was asked about it, Lynk seemed unaware that two of his predecessors had in fact included these abuses during their tenures.

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