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Islamic State makes terrorism threat facing U.S. gravest since 9/11 attacks


The terrorist threat facing the U.S. and its European allies is “bigger, wider and deeper” than at any point since the Sept. 11 attacks 15 years ago, the White House’s top counterterrorism official said in a grim review of global threats Wednesday.

The dramatic rise of Islamic State and its ability to expand around the world presents a danger that is “considerably less predictable” than those posed by al Qaeda at the height of their power, shortly after the 2001 attacks on thePentagon and World Trade Center, National Counterterrorism Center chief Nick Rasmussen said.

The assessment could pose a political problem for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, coming on a day when national security issues were dominating the campaign debate and Mrs. Clinton was looking to build on her role in helping shape foreign and security policy as President Obama’s first secretary of state. – READ MORE

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