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ISIS publishes a ‘how to’ outfox Twitter guide


To accomplish its goals, Islamic State provides several “tips on how to outfox the Twitter management and continue to publish propaganda materials,” and recommends that its supporters join the group’s efforts to distribute materials on social networks.

In another exclusive ICT advance-copy document obtained by the Post, it is reported that “Horizons” (Afaq), an Islamic State-affiliated media outlet, released a guide titled, “Introduction to I2P and the Darknet and how to use them,” providing instructions in Arabic on installation of I2P (Invisible Internet Project, an overlay network and Darknet that allows applications to send messages to each other pseudonymously and securely) on Android devices.

The guide was published on November 9 on a website that allows registered and anonymous users to store texts and images and distribute them using a public web page.

This platform is an overlay network part of the Darknet, a parallel online world to the Internet that can assist users in masking their identities.

According to the user guide described in the ICT report, “I2P provides a better solution than Tor [another Darknet-related program] as this network is faster and less vulnerable to cyberattacks” from the West as it tries to limit Islamic State’s online presence. – READ MORE

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