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ISIS Proudly Presents Its Child Soldiers In New Video


A new video released by ISIS shows what the terror group is calling its newest generation of fighters and suicide bombers. Thirteen minutes long, the video shows dozens of young boys declaring their ambition to become ‘martyrs’ for their religion, and going through training exercises.

It was released late Tuesday by ISIS’ Deir e-Zour province in Syria and has since circulated hundreds of times on ISIS social media channels, Vocativ has found. In the short film, boys are shown studying in an ISIS-approved religious institute. One young boy tells the camera he wants to “become a martyr to terrorize the enemies and kill them,” and to follow in the path of his brother who was also killed fighting for ISIS.

The video mocks secular education systems and ridicules other Middle Eastern countries where children “dream about becoming a minister, a member of parliament, a judge or a pilot.” It criticizes parents who, the group argues, play a role in corrupting their children” by sending them to international schools or encouraging them to take part in reality talents show. Scenes from the popular Arabs Got Talent show feature in the video. – READ MORE

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