ISIS Propaganda Operative Arrived In Germany At Height Of Syrian Refugee Crisis


A senior ISIS media operative linked to multiple terror attacks in Europe arrived in Germany at the height of the Syrian refugee crisis in 2015.

German security authorities arrested the man Wednesday, and identified him as Mohammed G and as a Syrian national. Mohammed is accused of working within a complex ISIS media network that confirmed attacks before they were claimed by the global brand.

“Once he arrived, he acted as a contact person between the news agency Amaq, which is considered part of Islamic State, and possible assailants of the terror organization,” German authorities indicated in a statement following his arrest. Mohammed was implicated after authorities found him in contact with a man who set a 2016 fire to a shiite Muslim community center in Sweden.

Mohammed was attempting to confirm that the attack was carried out in the name of ISIS before the global organization claimed credit for the attack. “The reason for this was that Amaq did not want to publish a report on the attack without such evidence,” a German security spokesman told The Telegraph. Mohammed’s arrest confirms the existence of ISIS operatives in Europe who serve to propagate the terrorist group’s brand without actively participating in attacks.

A former German ISIS fighter who returned to the West after becoming disillusioned with the group described men like Mohammed in 2016. The fighter said that ISIS has set up an elite network of hundreds of would-be terrorists across Europe. The network includes “clean men” who are returned to the West and instructed to lie low. These fighters are thought to be couriers of weapons, propaganda, and information to those who demonstrate a willingness to carry out attacks.

The former German ISIS fighter stressed that the terrorist organization has been developing its network since it began consolidating control in Iraq and Syria, and “they want to have loads of attacks at the same time in England and Germany and France.”

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