Is Paul Ryan to blame for gov’t shutdown? Trump says former GOP leader ‘screwed him’


President Donald Trump was forced to concede last week: He signed a stop-gap bill to temporarily fund the government for three weeks, ending the longest government shutdown in U.S. history.

Unfortunately, another shutdown could be on the horizon. Lawmakers are expected to hit the ground running this week to ensure it will not happen again. However, Trump will likely not concede again — he wants funding for a border wall and has signaled he is willing to hold out for an extended period of time to get the financing.

But if it had not been for former House Speaker Paul Ryan’s seemingly weak leadership in the waning months of his congressional tenure, border wall funding may have long been secured. At least that’s what Trump reportedly voiced last week during a roundtable at the White House.

Trump said Ryan “screwed him” by not securing funding for border security — and specifically, the wall — while Republicans still controlled a majority in the House, Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies, told the Washington Post. – READ MORE

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