Is Kevin Faulconer California’s Next (Scrawny) Schwarzenegger?


Under normal circumstances, a California conservative like Kevin Faulconer would stand little chance of toppling Governor Gavin Newsom (D.), the polished product of San Francisco’s powerful political machine. But after nearly 12 months of harsh lockdowns and shuttered schools, the state’s political landscape is anything but normal.

“You can’t underestimate the anger and frustration of California families right now,” Faulconer told the Washington Free Beacon.

The former two-term San Diego mayor launched his campaign to succeed Newsom in early February, promising a “California comeback” centered on common-sense policies. The timing proved opportune: Just two weeks later, Republicans called for a corruption investigation into Newsom over no-bid contracts the Democrat awarded to campaign donors. And with a recall effort against Newsom sweeping the state, Faulconer is eager to capitalize on what is undoubtedly the best chance for a Republican to take the governor’s mansion since Arnold Schwarzenegger’s recall win nearly two decades ago.

Fed-up residents launched the long-shot recall petition in June. It began as a modest effort, amassing roughly 55,000 signatures by November 5. Just one day later, however, Newsom committed a term-defining blunder—he attended a lobbyist-filled party at the luxurious French Laundry restaurant in Napa Valley, violating his own coronavirus restrictions in the process. Even NFL star and California native Aaron Rodgers joined the pile-on as signatures skyrocketed, reaching 1.5 million in February, according to activists. – READ MORE

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