Is It Almost Over?: US Sees Record One-Day Drop In COVID Hospitalizations


In the last few days – really since the BIden inauguration – we have seen declarations of victory over covid across the board, from the likes of Dr. Fauci who yesterday said that coronavirus infections may be about to hit a “plateau“, to Wall Street, where Bank of America yesterday declared “The Beginning Of The End Of The COVID Crisis.

In its chart of the day, BofA showed that the US is now clearly over the hump, with 142,000 COVID cases in the US on Monday, down 32% from the prior Monday with the seven day average also dropping to 209,000, down 16% from the peak on January 8th.”

In another good sign, the bank said that “testing is increasing and the share of tests that come back positive is falling” and cheerfully adds that “It seems clear that an end to the holiday season, a modest increase in restrictions and a small increase in herd immunity is bending the COVID curve.”

So is the beginning of covid’s end truly nigh (coincidentally, just as Joe Biden walked into the White House)?

It would appear that the answer is yes: as Goldman predicted last month, now that the US has administered 17.5 million vaccines and the pace has picked up to 6.4 million per week (19 per every 1000 people and almost 1million per day), Bloomberg today announced that Covid-19 hospitalizations in the U.S. fell by the most ever on Thursday, the latest sign that not only “relief may be coming to a health-care system that’s been fighting the virus for almost a year”, but that the pandemic appears to finally be under control. – READ MORE

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