‘Irreparable damage to the bureau’: Former FBI agents sound off on James Comey


Let’s begin with the obvious question: Has James Comey damaged the reputation of the FBI? Questioned on that very topic by Fox News reporter Catherine Herridge on Monday, Comey snapped: “No.”

But many of my former colleagues say otherwise.

Retired FBI Special Agent Joaquin Garcia, serving 1980-2006, (whom you may know from his 2008 book, Making Jack Falcone: An Undercover Agent Takes Down a Mafia Family) was the agent who taught me how to be an undercover agent in New York City during the early 1990s. He told me:

James Comey has done irreparable damage to the bureau we love. His conduct, specifically his leaking, has divided the bureau, and it will take years to regain our hard-earned reputation.

Retired FBI Hostage Rescue Team Unit Chief Dave Shellenberger, serving 1987-2014, a legendary HRT counterterrorism operator I served with on the team during the late 1990s, also weighed in:

I wanted to believe Comey was doing the right thing, but then he stepped in front of those microphones on July 5, 2016, and uttered that infamous statement — ‘No reasonable prosecutor would bring these charges,’ and we all cringed and said, ‘Why is he announcing that?’ Hey, it wasn’t his place, and he damaged our reputation afterward by not accepting responsibility for his actions.READ MORE

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