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IRONIC: Rahm Emanuel Accuses Trump Of Trying To Distract From His Political Failures


t’s true that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. It’s also true that people who run near-bankrupt cities with out-of-control murder rates shouldn’t comment on the ineffectiveness or incompetence of other government officials. Yet on Wednesday, Rahm Emanuel, Mayor of Chicago and former Chief of Staff to President Obama, decided to ignore this advice and go on the record blasting Donald Trump and his NFL statements.

Emanuel said, “There’s a part of me that also thinks it was a cynical ploy to distract people from what was happening on health care, what was not happening in Puerto Rico, and what they were attempting to do on health care but also on North Korea.”

Chicago’s Mayor could be spot on in his assessment of Trump’s maneuvering (at least in terms of health care and North Korea). The President made strong statements that refocused the attention of the American public, and in doing so triggered the Left into a fit of hysteria. As a result, the Democrats voluntarily became the party that opposes patriotism. – READ MORE

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