Iran’s President Threatens U.S.: Break The Nuclear Deal, You Will See ‘Fallout In Less Than A Week’


On Monday, Iran celebrated its National Nuclear Technology Day, and Iranian President Hassan Rouhani openly threatened the United States about pulling out from the nuclear deal (JCPOA).

Rouhani warned, “If the deal breaks, they will surely regret it. They will witness the fallout in less than a week.” There is a May 12 deadline by which President Trump must either reimpose U.S. sanctions that were waived by the nuclear deal or let the waiver continue.

Rouhani added:

Iran will not violate the nuclear deal, but if the United States withdraws from the deal, they will surely regret it. Our response will be stronger than what they imagine and they would see that within a week. Whether the JCPOA exists or not, with or without the U.S., we are prepared for whatever circumstances and have plans … (Trump) has big claims and many ups and downs in his words and actions has been trying for 15 months to break the JCPOA … but the structure of the JCPOA is so strong that it has not been shaken by such quakes. Even if one day (the U.S.) harms the JCPOA, we will be the winner in the public opinion of the world as the nation that stuck by its commitments. If they withdraw, it would mean that they are not committed to their words.READ MORE

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