Iran’s General Salami Boasts of ‘Hidden’ Special Military Powers


Iran has special “hidden” military powers it is ready to unleash at any moment on an unsuspecting world, Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) leader, Major General Hossein Salami, revealed on Saturday.

Salami offered no evidence to back his claim of the so-called “hidden” powers of military persuasion.

Salami spoke at Tehran’s Islamic Revolution and Holy Defence museum during the unveiling of an exhibition of what Iran says are U.S. and other drones captured in its territory.

According to the domestic Fars News, Salami said enemies of his country are unaware of secret capabilities of Iran, adding Tehran has significantly enhanced its military power to create threats and problems unknown and unexpected for anyone who opposes it.

“Our enemies must know that we have increased our capability of creating unknown threats. We have not yet disclosed our main sources of power and what they have seen and we have used so far is a small part of our capacities,” the major general said. – READ MORE

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