Iran Wants ‘Strategic Partnership’ with China


Iranian president Hassan Rouhani recently called for a “strategic partnership” with the similarly anti-American regime in China, the Economist reported Saturday.

Rouhani remarked October 1 that Tehran and Beijing had taken a “major step” forward in its 25-year partnership. The two countries have deepened security, technological, and economic ties in recent months, though many details of a potential breakthrough agreement remain unclear.

A partnership with China gives Iran an opportunity to revive its shattered export regime. Foreign investment in Iran’s oil trade has ground to a halt, while the Iranian currency has hit a historic low in light of American sanctions and the coronavirus pandemic. Tehran, therefore, sees China as a vital partner.

The countries have already made some overtures. Tehran and Beijing share an abiding interest in challenging an American-led world order. Iranian foreign minister Mohammed Javad Zarif arrived in China Friday to deepen bilateral ties, citing anti-American sentiment as a major building block in the countries’ relationship. – READ MORE

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