Iran Sent Messages Through ‘Three Back Channels’ To U.S. After Attack To Say They Were Done


More details have begun to emerge about Iran’s ballistic missile attack on two Iraqi bases Tuesday, including what was reportedly going on behind the scenes almost immediately after the strikes. According to CNN’s sources, soon after the strikes were over, Iran reached out to the U.S. “through at least three back channels” to make clear that their “fierce revenge” for the killing of Iran’s top military leader was over.

“Iran initiated contact through at least three back channels starting late Tuesday, including through Switzerland and other countries,” CNN reports. “There were ‘multiple messages and they were all the same,’ a person familiar with the matter said. Iran wanted to convey their retaliatory action had ended — and was waiting to see how the US would respond.”

“The back-and-forth communication came as American officials were still determining the extent of the Iranian attacks, and were formulating plans for a response,” the network explains. “In response, the US sought to communicate to Iran that its proxies in the region were of equal concern as the activities of the Iranian state, the person familiar said.”

The Swiss Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed in a statement that its diplomatic channel has been used multiple times prior to the incident Tuesday to exchange messages between the U.S. and Iran and urged “maximum restraint” from both sides. – READ MORE

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