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    Iran rolls out first stage of internal, national internet


    The internet is a mix of perhaps the most global, inter-connective technologies every created, and breaking down barriers and opening up lines of communication between people is arguably its most defining feature. In Iran, however, things are quite different. Although once open, access has slowly been curtailed through blocks and censorship and now the government has launched a new National Internet, which will be restricted, selective, and government controlled.

    Of course that isn’t the way it’s being advertised domestically. As the BBC explains, Iran state media claims that it will offer “high quality, high speed” internet at “low cost,” compared to traditional sources. Even if that is the case, many detractors claim it will be even more restrictive than the internet already available through other channels.

    As it stands, Iran blocks international social networks like Facebook and Twitter, as well as a number of other sources and sites. Teh government has had plans to introduce an internal intranet of sorts for years, in order to control the kind of content people see, and to promote its own brand of Islamic ideals with less influence from other cultures. – READ MORE

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