Iran said it accidentally shot down a Ukrainian jetliner this week, the Iranian ISNA news agency is now reporting:

The Ukrainian passenger plane was hit by an unintentional human error, which unfortunately killed a number of dear compatriots and killed a number of foreign nationals. The Armed Forces General Condolences and Condolences to the Homeless Families and Missing Persons of the Other Countries and Apologies for the Human Error, Ensures That Such Repetition Can Be Repeated By Carrying Out Major Reforms In Armed Forces Operational Processes Make the mistakes impossible and immediately report it to the Armed Forces Judicial Organization to deal with the legal errors.

The full text of the statement of the General Staff of the Armed Forces is as follows:

The noble and revolutionary Iranian Islamic nation,
in the wake of the heartbreaking crash of a Boeing passenger plane, crashed into Ukrainian airspace in the early hours of Wednesday morning, in the wake of a rocket attack on the US base of criminals and the possible impact of military action on the incident. The Armed Forces immediately set up an inspection team of technical and operational experts, independent of the Civil Aviation Authority, to investigate this possibility, and the results of the round-the-clock examination of the delegation were made available to the Honorable Iranian People:

5. Following the threats of the President and the military commanders of the criminal US to target a large number of targets in the territory of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the event of a counter-operation and in view of the unprecedented increase in air traffic in the region, the Islamic Republic’s Armed Forces Potential threats were at the highest level of readiness.

4. In the hours after the missile strikes, US terrorist forces’ warplanes around the country increased, and some reports of air strikes targeting strategic centers in the country were reported to numerous defense units and targets on some radar plates. It has caused more sensitivity in air defense units.

2- In such critical and critical conditions, Flight 3 of the Ukrainian Airlines departs from Imam Khomeini Airport and, while in rotation, is in close proximity to a sensitive military center of the IRGC and is in the height and shape of a hostile aircraft. In these circumstances, the plane was accidentally hit by human error, which unfortunately results in the martyrdom of dear compatriots and the death of a number of foreign nationals.

4. The General Staff of the Armed Forces, while expressing condolences and condolences to the grieving families of foreign nationals and apologizing for the human error, giving full assurance that the pursuit of fundamental reforms in the operational processes at the Armed Forces can be repeated. Make such errors impossible and immediately bring it to the attention of the Armed Forces Judicial Organization to deal with any legal errors. READ MORE:

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