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    Invoking the First Amendment, Democrats Demand Government Investigate Company’s ‘News Activities’


    Democratic senators are demanding the government investigate the “news activities” of the Sinclair Broadcasting Group, saying they want a federal probe into a private news organization because they are “strong defenders of the First Amendment.”

    Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, and others sent a letter Wednesday to Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai arguing Sinclair is unfit to hold broadcasting licenses because it objects to “fake news.”

    “We write to express our grave concerns regarding Sinclair Broadcasting Group’s conduct,” the Democratic senators said. “This conduct affects its fitness to hold its existing broadcast licenses and its fitness to acquire even more broadcast licenses through the proposed merger with Tribune Media Company.”

    “In particular, we have strong concerns that Sinclair has violated the public interest obligation inherent in holding broadcast licenses,” the senators continued. “Sinclair may have violated the FCC’s longstanding policy against broadcast licensees deliberately distorting news by staging, slanting, or falsifying information (traditionally known as the news distortion standard).”

    “Multiple news outlets report that Sinclair has been forcing local news anchors to read Sinclair-mandated scripts warning of the dangers of ‘one-sided news stories plaguing our country,’ over the protests from local news teams,” they said.- READ MORE

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