The Internet Drags ‘Vice’ After Complaining NRA Wants Women, Black People Armed


Left-wing outlet Vice is apparently disturbed that conservatives believe the Second Amendment applies to black people and women, too.

Vice created a bizarre list of people “gun rights advocates” have argued should be, or should have the right to be armed. “A Very Incomplete List of People Gun Rights Activists Think Should Be Armed” was the mocking headline of the article, originally published in 2014 and reposted on social media on Friday.

“America won’t be safe until every judge, preacher, pilot, bar patron, and doctor is armed to the teeth,” reads the sub-headline.

Some of the groups of people included on the list were preachers, women, black people, people in movie theaters, paramedics, Jews, Holocaust victims, trans people, and gay people.

In the Twitter re-posting of the piece, Vice complained that the NRA “wants to put guns in the hands of” women, schoolteachers, preachers, and nightclub goers – READ MORE

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