Injustice League: Rose McGowan Claims She Told Ben Affleck About Alleged Harvey Weinstein Rape


Buried deep, deep, deep — buried under 11 paragraphs by theHollywood Reporter (THR) and 17 paragraphs by the New York Times — lies the bombshell news that Rose McGowan claims she told actor Ben Affleck that Harvey Weinstein allegedly raped her. Not only did she tell Affleck, she claims to have told him almost immediately after the alleged crime way back in 1997.

THR [emphasis added]:

After their brief business meeting, McGowan says Weinstein told her the room had a hot tub. “And then what happened, happened,” she said. “Suffice it to say a door opened and my life changed.”

Declining to share any further details of the incident, McGowan said she went straight to a press event where she fought back tears and told Ben Affleck and her then-manager, Jill Messick, what had happened. (McGowan had previously accused Affleck of knowing about Weinstein’s behavior on Twitter, something the actor has not commented on.)

This information adds vitally important context to events from earlier this month. On October 10, a full five days after the Weinstein scandal burst wide open, without ever mentioning the man who gave him his start in the film industry, Affleck tweeted out a statement that made it sound as though Weinstein’s behavior was news to him.

In part, the statement read, “I am saddened and angry that a man who I worked with used his position to intimidate, sexually harass and manipulate women over many decades.”

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