INFIGHTING: Feminists Attack Amy Schumer For Being ‘Too Pretty’


Schumer has a new movie coming out called “I Feel Pretty,” in which Schumer’s character, who longs to be supermodel-type beautiful, hits her head and suddenly sees herself as classically hot. The film actually looks cute, and dare I say funny, and is totally relatable to an overwhelming majority of women.

But as we’ve seen time and again, there is no pleasing hardcore feminists, who were immediately outraged (their natural state of being) over the “body positivity” film. You see, Schumer is just too hot.

Fellow “comedian” Sofie Hagen, for example, went on an epic rant about Schumer’s Western beauty and the new film. Among other things, Hagen found it problematic that Schumer is blonde, has white skin, and is able-bodied.

“So the new Amy Schumer movie is about a woman who is half an inch from being conventionally Hollywood attractive (but rest-of-the-world attractive) who thinks she’s rest-of-the-world-attractive?” she wrote via Twitter. “Amy Schumer is blonde, white, able-bodied, femme and yes, thin. She IS society’s beauty ideal. So they give her a ponytail and remove her make-up and suddenly she’s ugly? Why not just give her glasses or a fatsuit? What is wrong with this world?”

Schumer is also too skinny, per Hagen. – READ MORE

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