Indicted Epstein Prison Guard Turns RAT; Will Sing to the Feds


A Manhattan prison guard is willing to cooperate with a federal investigation into Jeffrey Epstein’s death — even though she’s been accused of goofing off while he hanged himself, her lawyer said Wednesday.

Tova Noel “did not make any efforts to frustrate the Government’s investigation” following Epstein’s jailhouse suicide, defense lawyer Jason Foy said in a statement.

“In fact, Ms. Noel remains available to fully and truthfully cooperate with the Inspector General’s investigation, which is also geared toward uncovering the many problems that existed from the commencement of her employment which continue to plague the Metropolitan Correctional Center.”

Noel also ignored questions from The Post when she bolted from her Bronx apartment building and hopped into a waiting Toyota Prius shortly before 6 p.m.

Former Utah US Attorney Brett Tolman told “Fox & Friends” that the guards’ alleged misconduct could be “just a dereliction of duty.”

“But you would have to look at it in a vacuum … and ignore everything else that’s gone on with this case against Epstein,” he said. READ MORE:


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