‘Impeach King Cuomo’: Angry New Yorkers Demand End To Coronavirus Lockdown


You can’t keep New Yorkers down for long.

While millions in the city have willingly locked down for the past two months to stem the spread of the coronavirus, the mood is quickly changing.

On Saturday, several hundred people, mostly small business owners, gathered on Staten Island to protest Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s and Mayor Bill de Blasio’s closure of businesses deemed “non-essential.”

“Stand up to them! Do not lay down for them!” Staten Island business owner Steve Margarella yelled to a cheering crowd, The New York Post reported.

“Who is going to stand with me, who is going to swing their doors open on Monday and say, ‘I’m going in? You want me? Come and get me. I’m feeding my men, I’m feeding my family. I’m paying my bills and I’m not gonna’ let you stop me.’” – READ MORE

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