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I’m Sick Of Left-Wing Politics In My Sports Stories


Yahoo Sports’ Major League Baseball page Big League Stew exemplifies why Yahoo is losing readership. Instead of sticking with their area of expertise, they venture too much into social justice warrior journalism. A case in point is Liz Roscher, who recently wrote that Pedro Martinez usedan “offensive gesture” in an attempt to celebrate the Indians’ victory over the Red Sox.

Martinez, who is part of the TBS pre- and post-game broadcast, did a Native American war whoop in tribute to the team. Since athletes have compared their competition to battle since forever and Cleveland’s mascot is an Indian, it just makes sense to imitate a war cry after victory.

For someone to get offended by this just demonstrates SJW virtue-signaling, not concern for Native American honor or well-being. Roscher goes so far as to say that using an Indian face as a mascot is racist. According to her and her ilk, it is now offensive to even draw a person of color. I feel like I just woke up from a coma in the Middle East where people are told who they can and cannot depict in drawings. – READ MORE

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