Illinois firearms restraining order act goes into effect January 1st


A new law in 2019 may affect some Illinois gun owners. The Firearms Restraining Order Act allows family members or police to ask a judge to temporarily remove guns from someone they think is a threat to themselves or others.

Monroe County Sheriff Neal Rohlfing says a complaining party will have to file a petition and go before a judge to make their case.

At the hearing, the petitioner shall have the burden of proving, by clear and convincing evidence, that the respondent poses a significant danger by having a firearm.

The court will consider whether the gun owner has been unlawful or reckless, history of use or attempted use, prior felony arrests, drug or alcohol use, and threats of violence against themselves or others including threats made via text messages, email, social media.

Rohlfing said domestic violence incidents are often heated and emotional. Under the new law, he warns people to be careful about what they say in a moment of anger. – READ MORE

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