Illegals Are Flown to California to Relieve Crowding in Texas — Cost: $6,000 Per Flight


With U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agents continuing to struggle with the large number of illegal immigrants making their way into our country, officials are now beginning to arrange flights for these migrants to other parts of the United States.

There may be as many as three flights a week to San Diego, California, Fox News reported, beginning yesterday (Friday).

Each flight will transport 120 to 135 people.

“Flights carrying 120 to 135 people were set to begin flying on Friday to San Diego from the Rio Grande Valley in Texas and would continue to do so indefinitely, Border Patrol’s interim San Diego sector chief Douglas Harrison said,” Fox News noted.

Harrison told the outlet it would be a “contingency operation” and there would be at least three flights a week making the trip.

And what is the cost to the U.S. government of each flight of migrants? That would be around $6,000, officials said. – READ MORE

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