Ilhan Omar says she does not recognize Venezuelan interim president, defying Dem leadership, Western governments


Minnesota Democrat Ilhan Omar said she does not recognize Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as the interim Venezuelan president, defying consensus among Western leaders and her own party.

The Democrat refused to endorse Guaido and even came out against the opposition leader in an interview published on Thursday, where she went on float the far-left conspiracy theory that the U.S. government is sending humanitarian aid to Venezuela “in the guise of eventually invading this country.”

“Well the constitution of Venezuela says that there needs to be an election called within 30 days and we’re waiting for that to happen,” Omar said during an interview with the Intercept.

“What we should be involved in is having diplomatic conversations and bringing people to the table and being a partner in facilitating that. But we are threatening, we are threatening intervention. We’re sending humanitarian aid that is in the guise of, you know, eventually invading this country and the people of the country don’t want us there,” she added.

The host of the podcast then asked whether Omar shares the view of her fellow Democrats and Western governments that Guaido is the current leader of the country.

“Absolutely not,” Omar replied.- READ MORE

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