IHOP in Maine apologizes after server makes black teens pay upfront for meal


An IHOP in Maine is apologizing after a server asked a group of black teenagers to prepay for their meal.

The manager of the Auburn restaurant, Melvin Escobar, told the Sun Journal he does not believe the incident was racially motivated.  “We don’t discriminate (against) people for what they are or who they are,” he said. “This is the first time it happened, and that will be the last time.”

The restaurant has had a number of people, mainly teenagers, skip out on their bills in recent months and Escobar thinks the server was trying to prevent it from happening again.

The situation was made public when a witness, Avery Gagne, who was dining at the restaurant Sunday with his parents, posted about it on Facebook.

“As we finished up our meal a group of teenagers came into the restaurant and sat down across the room from us. I heard them order their food and they were respectful and were not loud or rude etc. We paid and sat there for a few minutes and I heard an employee tell the table that they were going to need to pay upfront and that it was ‘a new generation thing,’” he wrote. – READ MORE

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