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If Trump Supporters Are A “Basket of Deplorables”, Then Hillary’s A ‘Basket Case’


During a private fundraiser hosted by Hollywood celebrity Barbara Streisand, Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton referred to half of the supporters of her opponent, businessman and Republican nominee for president Donald Trump, as “a basket of deplorables”. And while her rhetoric may have been music to the ears of all those attending Bab’s little soiree’ in New York, millions of Americans who happen to support Donald Trump find it insulting and disrespectful to say the least.

The former Secretary of State called these Trump supporters all “racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, and Islamophobic”, which for her translates into “a basket of deplorables”. Hopefully this is not the way she will govern if elected, making a value judgment on literally millions of Americans that she hasn’t a clue about, but simply because they might disagree with her on a certain issue. – READ MORE

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