If Trump Comes for Antifa, He’s Coming After You, NYT Columnist Warns


On Monday, New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg warned that “Trump’s Shredding of Civil Liberties Won’t Stop With Antifa.” She raised an alarm after President Donald Trump and Attorney General Bill Barr issued statements commending law enforcement after U.S. marshals tracked down and killed 48-year-old Michael Forest Reinoehl, a suspect in the shooting of Trump supporter Aaron “Jay” Danielson. Goldberg claimed that Trump considered Reinoehl’s death justified because of his politics, not because of the alleged shooting, and that Trump would remove civil liberties from any anti-Trump protesters, not just alleged shooters.

“All those who’ve demonstrated against this president should know that what’s done to antifa today can be done to them tomorrow,” Goldberg wrote.

This Times columnist was attempting some serious gaslighting. While President Trump’s remarks may have gone over the top (is that any surprise?), the federal government did not “shred” civil liberties in the Reinoehl case.

To be fair, Goldberg did make an important point about civil liberties. Reinoehl needs to be considered innocent until proven guilty, and he only just-about confessed to shooting Danielson in a Vice interview shortly before his death — the video is not clear as to whether or not he explicitly owned up to the shooting.

That said, the New York Times columnist omitted important facts in her comparison between Reinoehl and 17-year-old shooter Kyle Rittenhouse. Goldberg noted that Reinoehl “said he acted in self-defense” and she lamented that “there will be no trial to sort out what happened, because the federal marshals sent to arrest him gunned him down.” She did not mention the fact that Reinoehl chose to flee from Portland police and from federal authorities because he had a long rap sheet, including failure to appear at a recent court date. – READ MORE

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