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If The Clinton Foundation Was So Great, Why Aren’t Democrats Pushing Donations Now?


Donald Trump’s victory last week hit Hillary Clinton’s supporters hard, leaving them scrambling for alternate ways to support the causes in which they believe. Writers on the Left have no shortage of ideas, most of which involve donating time or money to some progressive cause. Slate collected some of the most popular options, which include Emily’s List, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and of course supporting your local lefty writers. Others have suggested Planned Parenthood, which may see a funding shortfall if congressional Republicans get their way. The ACLU received so many donations that their website crashed.

It is strange, then, that no one thinks that the best way to make the world better in these dark times is to donate to the Clinton Foundation.

The foundation has received its share of criticism, but throughout Clinton’s presidential campaign, her supporters brushed aside those critiques. They refused to believe there could be any ethical discrepancy when a donor gave money to the foundation, and then received a benefit from the State Department—despite the fact that Hillary Clinton ran the State Department, and her husband ran the foundation. When some of these concerns bubbled up to the mainstream press, the Clinton’s loyal retainers did their duty and chalked it up to their perennial foe: the “vast right-wing conspiracy.” – READ MORE

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